Medi MSW

Our Medi MSW solutions offer unique small-scale recycling lines, enabling recycling on a scale previously not economical. We have developed standardised manual sorting lines to process 3 to 15 tons per hour. 

How it works

  1. You tell us the expected waste composition and which materials should be recycled.

  2. Based on the above, we select and configure a system and present you with a proposal. 

  3. We install the plant. 

  4. You convert waste into a resource and benefit your bottom line. 
diagram of steps in Medi Biogas sequence

For more info on which materials waste contains and what treatment options exist, see our MSW FAQ’s:

Benefits of the modular approach

  • Rapid deployment


  • Reduced cost without compromised performance, thanks to standardised design


  • Highest quality as a result of pre-fabrication


  • A self-contained solution is offered, leading to minimal site infrastructure


  • Robust design for long service life and maximum uptime 


No pre-treatment of waste needed

The standard modules cover the following processes:

  • Manual sorting of recycling material
  • Manual picking of RDF
  • Screening
  • Baling
  • RDF shredding
  • Control system

The modules are pre-fabricated as far as possible

Ease of maintenance is part of the design

Comprehensive training and remote support are offered

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