Medi Biogas

Our Medi Biogas solutions offer an innovative modular approach to biogas plants. For projects that fall into the 25 to 500kW (electrical output) range, we have developed standardised biogas plants. 

How it works

1. You tell us what feedstocks you have and in which quantities. And decide how you would like to use the biogas, e.g. to generate electricity, heat or bio-CNG.

2. Based on the above, we select and configure the standard modules and make you a proposal.

3. We construct the biogas plant.

4. Your business benefits from reduced energy bills, organic fertiliser and solved waste problems.

diagram of steps in Medi Biogas sequence

For more info on which feedstocks can be used or how to make use of biogas, see our biogas FAQ’s:

Benefits of the modular approach

  • Reduced cost, without compromised performance, due to standardised design 

  • Highest quality due to pre-fabricated modules 

  • Reduced construction time due to minimal site works 

  • Robust design for long service life and maximum up-time 
Surge container


All feedstocks suitable for biogas plants can be used

The standard modules cover the following processes:

  • liquid and/or solid feedstock reception
  • digestion
  • digestate dewatering
  • biogas utilisation
  • control system

The modules are pre-fabricated as far as possible

Ease of maintenance is part of the design

Comprehensive training and remote support are offered

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