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By 2050, 10 billion people will be living on planet Earth. We believe our sustainable solutions contribute to a just existence for all. 

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Our mission is to: 

  • Provide technology, enabling resource recovery and renewable energy generation from waste streams and replenishable resources; 
  • Become the most reputable solutions provider for these solutions in Africa; 
  • Innovate these solutions and make them more accessible, to enable the impact needed to preserve planet Earth. 

Our Values

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We always choose long term success over short term gain.

In the end there are no shortcuts; we put in the effort to get it right the first time around.

About values resourceful

We are resourceful in all our actions.

Harsh is a word often used to describe the Namibian climate and conditions; resourceful a word often used to describe her human, animal and plant inhabitants. To break the status quo on sustainability, we understand that our offerings need to work in both harsh physical and economic conditions. To achieve this, we need to be resourceful, from design to operation. Surge believes in providing our clients with simple, effective and rugged but cost-optimised solutions, which are fit for purpose in the African context.

About values be the change

Be the change you want to see.

We believe in going about our business in a way that makes the world a better place.

Our Story

We are driven by the desire to contribute to the surge in sustainable practices that our planet needs and the betterment in human lives that goes along with it.

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“A surge is a sudden and powerful movement forward” 

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“A surge is a sudden large increase in something that has previously been steady”


“Sustainability is a method of using resources such that they are not depleted or permanently damaged…thus by applying sustainability the needs of the present generation can be met without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs.” 

Combine these and you get..

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A Namibian clean-tech company providing sustainable solutions in Africa. Surge Sustainability is a proudly 100% Namibian-owned company bringing sustainable solutions to Africa and beyond. 

We identified biogas as an under-utilised technology in Africa, as organic waste is abundant, the demand for renewable energy is ever-increasing and there is a substantial need for organic fertiliser.  

Municipal solid waste is also still regarded as “waste” in most of the developing world, which we would like to challenge by offering solutions competitive to landfilling. 

To introduce more sustainable practices, governments often subsidise new technologies, to foster their development and to speed up their implementation. Biogas and waste treatment technologies are proven and well-established in the developed world and are highly effective at making humankind more sustainable. These technologies are still lacking in the developing world, so Surge was founded to close this gap and contribute to a surge in the use of this technology. We believe the solutions we offer are necessary to make human existence sustainable, and so they cannot remain a luxury only in wealthy nations. 


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