Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)

Status quo is

  • Municipal solid waste is still largely landfilled in southern Africa 
  • Methane emissions from landfills contribute considerably to greenhouse gas emissions 
  • Materials are buried, and nothing is reused 

Waste treatment offers

  • Recovery of recyclable resources (circular economy)
  • Converting waste into revenue 
  • Job creation
  • Huge positive environmental impacts

Want to know more about what MSW contains and how it can beneficiate? 

Our Offerings

Surge Sustainability offers innovative solutions for municipal solid waste (MSW) in Africa.

Medi MSW benefits

Medi MSW

Small system with a big impact. We offer standardised solid waste solutions for that are plug & play and require no site infrastructure.  

Maxi MSW overview

Maxi MSW

For large or complex projects we offer bespoke engineered solid waste solutions, spanning recyclable recovery, treatment of organics, RDF production and landfill diversion.

Benefits of waste treatment

Waste reduction: Less waste will end up in landfills or the environment.

Circular economy: By recovering materials from the waste, they can be recycled and remain in circulation, as opposed to using new finite resources and burying waste in a linear system. 

Job creation: Running recycling plants creates jobs, including skilled ones.

Bottom line: Recovering resources from waste avoids landfill costs and generates revenue from the sale of recycling materials and RDF.

Energy generation: Refuse-Derived Fuel (RDF) can be used to generate renewable energy. 

Water: Treating waste in a proper manner avoids ground and surface water contamination. 

Odour: When organic waste is recovered, the foul smell associated with waste is avoided. 


Our solid waste solutions clients include: 

Shopping Malls/Distribution Centres that generate packaging waste


Recycling Companies

Waste Hauling Companies

Delivery Models

We understand each project is different, thus we offer flexible delivery models.

We also offer waste characterisation.
Speak to us with your needs.