"A surge is a sudden large increase in something that has previously been steady."

"A surge is a sudden and powerful movement forward."

"Sustainability is a method of using resources so that the resources are not depleted or permanently damaged, by applying sustainability, the needs of the present can be met without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs."

Put these together and you get...

A Namibian clean-tech company providing sustainable solutions in Africa. We are driven by the desire to contribute to the surge in sustainable practices that our planet needs and the betterment in human lives that goes along with it... and we are going about it surging!

What we do
Surge Sustainability provides
  • Biogas plants, from simple household scale products, through containerbased packages, to Mega-Watt-sized turnkey power plants, as well as upgrades of existing installations
  • Innovative solutions for pure "waste" streams e.g. plastic, glass
  • Solutions for household waste (MSW) ranging from small sorting lines to full mechanical biological treatment
Who are our biogas clients
Producers of any organic waste, for example:
  • farmers with cow, pig or chicken manure/manure slurry
  • slaughter operations with stomach content, organs, blood, fat, dead stock
  • farmers with fruit, vegetable or crop waste or residue
  • food processors or institutional kitchens (lodges, hotels, schools) with organic waste
  • fresh produce markets
  • fish processors
  • waste water treatment plant operator producing sludge
  • owners & operators of current biogas or waste treatment facilities
Who are our waste clients
  • producers of plastic waste
  • producers of mixed waste
  • municipalities or waste haulers collecting household waste
Why work with us
  • Customer orientated approach, we work closely with our clients to find optimal solutions which fit to the project needs and budget
  • honest and professional service
  • Offerings designed and built for the tough African market
How you benefit
  • turn your waste problem into a profit
  • reduce energy bills any generating renewable energy
How we deliver
our delivery models include:
  • sale of products and solutions
  • consulting
  • BOO (build own operate) model
  • operation and maintenance
Where we work
Surge Sustainability is based in Namibia and aims to serve clients in Africa and beyond.
  • the time to realise sustainable solutions is now!
  • Surge Sustainability was established in 2020, but was conceived years before.