Our Story

Surge Sustainability Projects (Pty) Ltd is a proudly 100% locally owned clean-tech company based in Namibia. We bring innovative solutions to the anaerobic digestion (i.e. biogas) and municipal solids waste (MSW) industries, as well as solutions for single-components waste streams.

Harsh is a word often used to describe the Namibian climate and conditions, resourceful a word often used to describe her human, animal and plant inhabitants. To break the status quo on sustainability we understand our offerings need to work in both harsh physical and economic conditions. To achieve this, we need to be resourceful, providing our clients with rugged but effective solutions, fit for purpose in the African context and feasible in the African market.

Internationally many industrial activities deemed "sustainable" are incentivised via government subsidies. These technologies need pioneering and such incentive schemes foster their development and speed up their role out, which is a step in the right direction. However we believe that to make the impact the planet needs, such sustainable solutions cannot remain a luxury in a few wealthy nations but need to become reality the world over – also in Africa. Setting out from within Namibia,Surge Sustainability Projects (Pty) Ltd is taking this bull by the horns and is on a mission to bring sustainable solutions to Africa and beyond.

We strive to be a trusted one-stop solutions provider working closely with our clients and fully understanding their needs.

Anaerobic digestion is a key technology in treating organic wastes in a beneficial way, generating energy in the process and recovering valuable fertilizer. Waste is only waste until it can be converted into resources – let us realise these solutions together.


Our vision is to become the most reputable solutions provider for sustainable solutions for waste problems and to innovate these solutions to an extent that they become available for all.


Our mission is to provide technology enabling sustainable resourcerecovery and renewable energy generation from waste and replenishable resources.


  • We always choose long term success over short term gain.
  • We are resourceful in all our actions.