Delivery models

For both biogas and MSW projects we offer various delivery models to suit the project needs.

Consulting & Process Design

Gain from our experience by consulting us for any biogas or MSW project. With our expertise we can define the process, size the unit operations and select suitable equipment vendors. This approach is most likely the lowest cost option but also the most risky and you need to manage the various suppliers and very clearly define the interfaces.

Core Technology Package

In this approach we take care of process design, supply all process technology and do commissioning once the technology is installed – meaning you get a guaranteed process. Typically an EPC contractor or the client is responsible for the overall project delivery and takes care of all earth works, construction work, mechanical and electrical installation. Surge Sustainability would either be a subcontractor to the EPC or enter into a join venture with the EPC.

Turn Key / EPC Supply

We take on full responsibility and deliver a fully functional plant with a fixed budget, fixed time frame and guaranteed process.

Joint Development

If you have the land, the feedstock, consume electricity/heat but do not want to commit funds to realise a project that would benefit your operation, we can develop the project with you and bring financing partners to the table.

Energy Purchase Agreement / Build Own Operate

You have waste to be treated and/or want to be supplied with renewable energy, biogas or bio-methane, but you have your core business to run? Let us run the project as our core business and treat your waste and supply you with biogas for your heating, electricity for your operation or biomethane for your consumption via long-term agreements.

Open Book Approach

We are prepared to work on an open book basis, if you are prepared to work exclusively with us on a project. Let us discuss, case by case.